Bulletin #6
November 9, 2017

2017 Socal Regional hosting a record number of teams

We have been extra busy working to make this contest a great experience for all participants given we have a record number of teams. We ask your cooperation in helping us make the day go as smoothly as possible. Please review the information here and download, sign and prepare all forms prior to registration.

During the day, we do our best to minimize delays. We will keep you informed throughout the day of any issues. We know a delay can be frustrating - we share that with you! Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Did you remember to...

  Print, Sign, and Bring these required forms
  • Insurance Waiver (one per person)
  • Photo Release (one per team - coaches and guests can sign the same form as the team; on-site coaches need to sign only one form)
  Parking: Please download the ACM Event Parking form , print the name of your institution, and display the form on your dash once you park.
  Know the NAME of the TEAM you are on. If you do not know, ask your coach prior to checking in onsite.
  Have a plan for storing non-permitted items; e.g. electronics; cell phones; eRead-able material. http://socalcontest.org/current/rules.shtml

Where do I park?

Riverside City College is located at 4800 Magnolia Avenue, Riverside, CA 92506.

Park in any of the white striped spaces.

Recommended lot: Parking structure on Magnolia and Terracina. #36 on the Campus map.

A link to the RCC campus map can be found at http://www.rcc.edu/about/parking/Pages/Campus-Map.aspx.


Did you want to bring?

  • DOMJudge or other technical documentation
  • Pencil, pen, paper (ruler, protractor, etc.)
  • Mascot (stuffed animal)
  • Kleenex, umbrella, jacket/sweatshirt
  • Printouts and Resources: Campus Map, Schedule for the day, books, etc.

When should I show up?

If you are NOT planning to attend the onsite orientation, you may check in from 10-11 a.m.

Note that lunch and the warm up are split into two groups that have been assigned by INSTITUTION. Find your group here.

How do I check in?

Non-Contestants (Coaches, Guests & Others)

  • You will be directed to a separate check-in station to pick up your badges and other materials.

Contestants - One person per team checks in for the entire team. (This year we are expecting a record number of teams so we ask for everyone's cooperation and patience. Please arrive within the time frames shown on the schedule and have all documents signed and ready before proceeding to the sign in area.)

  • The person checking in should collect all the signed Photo Releases and Insurance Waivers from their teammates before getting in line. To reduce the wait times, please print and sign your forms ahead of time.
  • If there are any problems with your registration (i.e. you do not have your forms, if you have issues with your registration, if there are changes to team composition or spelling, etc), you will be asked to go to the Issue Resolution station where the changes will be made and--if needed--new badges printed for you. You will then return to the back of the check-in line to continue checking in.
  • A greeter will direct you to the correct starting station.
  • Once you have completed the sign-in process, please exit the MLK lobby. If you are a contestant, please distribute the materials to your team mates.
Contestant Station 1:

Turn in the Photo Releases and Insurance Waivers for your team

Contestant Station 2:

Get badges, password tent card and other materials.

Non-Contestant Station:

Turn in the Photo Release (if you haven't signed the team photo release) and Insurance Waivers and get badges and other materials.

Eat! Food! Snacks!

Breakfast: Continental breakfast will be available in the cafeteria located in the student center. #13 on the Campus Map.

Lunch: Your lunch ticket will reflect the choice you made on the Questionnaire. If you made NO choice, the default selection is a SINGLE CHARBURGER. Cheese is optional and on request. No substitutions -- we have committed the counts with Habit Burger.

There are no gluten-free buns but you can have your food wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. Monitors will be present-please show them your ticket. No one without a ticket will be served and there are no replacement tickets.

Snacks: Snacks will be available AFTER the contest starts--not before. Please do not make the volunteers have to tell you "no."

Dinner: There are no dinner tickets UNLESS you pre-ordered the veggie (no cheese) pizza.


When do I get my T-shirt?
T-shirts will be distributed by RCC volunteers before the Contest starts. An announcement will be made telling you how and where to get them.

No food or water in the Lab

...or anywhere in the MLK building. This is our host's rule, and we do want them to continue to allow us to use their facilities. There are drinking fountains near the restrooms.

Special Needs / Allergies

There is a place on your profile for you to identify any special needs. This year, at least one person identified as having a peanut allergy. Please make sure you do not accidentally bring snacks into the lab - some have peanuts and any may be made in a facility that processes nuts. We would very much like to avoid any issues in this area, and really appreciate your cooperation.

For the Competition

To make the competition more enjoyable for everyone, we would appreciate your cooperation with the following:

  1. Wear your official contest T-shirt OUTSIDE of your other clothing (this includes jackets and sweatshirts).
  2. Wear your badge on the OUTSIDE of your clothing, where it can be seen easily. Your T-shirt and badge must be visible at all times.
  3. No food or drink in the lab. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING in the lab until told. This includes mousepads, mice, screens, keyboards, wires, USB drives, pens, pencils, papers, etc. Do not log in. Do not clear the screen. Put your permitted materials down, sit down, and wait. You will be told when to start.

During the Warm-Up

  • Coaches and guests may join you.
  • Bring any materials, electronic or otherwise, you want into the lab (no food or drink).
  • You may speak to anyone you like.
  • When you login, DO NOT change the password you are given.
  • If you lose your password, see a contest official who will give you the original password. If you change your password and forget it, you will have to start over completely from scratch.

During the Contest

  • Only contestants, volunteers and staff are permitted in the contest areas. No coaches.
  • Only permitted materials.
  • You may speak to your team members, officials and lab volunteers only.
  • SHHH - Please keep your voices down during the contest. We understand the contest gets very exciting, but please do your best.
  • No external communications.
  • Time to return a response for a submission may be longer than in previous years due to the record number of teams.

After the Contest

  • Pizza dinner will be available in the Bradshaw Student Center.
  • At the end of the contest, the judges always receive a flood of submissions. Given the record number of teams, expect the final results to take longer than previous years.



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