Bulletin #4
October 30, 2017

-- A record number of teams have registered this year ---

The Socal Regional ACM ICPC organization has had a record number of teams registered. Please help us make this year's contest the best ever. We are working with RCC to find as many machines as possible for the contest. It is possible that we may have to turn some teams away this year.

If your Institution has more than 3 teams entered, please follow the instructions found here.

See the Team Approvals section of Bulletin 2 for more information on the approval process.

2017 Deadlines
T-shirt size in profile update deadline
Oct. 29
T-shirt order will be placed
Oct. 30

Last Day to Register Teams and Pay Team Fees

Oct. 31

Registrar will begin approving teams. (Approval process detailed below.)

Nov. 1

Last Day to Change Team Composition and to Complete Profiles.

Nov. 4

Final Team Approvals. T-shirt order finalized.

Nov. 5
Begin processes: print badges; assign teams to workstations; print sign in sheets, team lists, etc.
Nov. 6



Is my team eligible to compete?

A red "I" means there is an eligibility issue. Click the red "I" to see what the issue is.

Reminder: Teams will be approved only after they have completed profiles, are eligible, and have their team fee paid.

2017 Environment and Judging

Note: You are encouraged to bring hardcopies of this page or any other pages from our web site to the Regional Contest.

Each team will be provided with a single computer with a monitor, keyboard and mouse; three chairs; and a small work area.

Each team will have a machine of its own to use during the contest. During the contest, contestants are to use the network only to submit contest problems or questions and get responses from the contest officials. Connecting to any other computer on the LAN or Internet, either before or during the contest, with telnet, FTP, Web browser, email, or any other network application is grounds for expulsion from the contest.

This year the Southern California Regional Contest will be using Fedora 26 as the host OS for the environment. We will be supplying Eclipse as an IDE, but will include Geany, vim, emacs and other standard command line editors.

The contest will be providing one USB per team. You will be allowed to copy your code to it at the end of the contest and take it with you.

Lastly, the contest will use the web based judging environment called DOMJudge. Please download and read the Team Manual for information on how to use the DOMJudge interface.

If you have any questions about the Contest Environment, send them to <systems@socalcontest.org> .

For more information regarding UNIX or the editors that will be available, see our Guide to UNIX and Editors.


  • Intel Core i7 CPUs
  • Fedora 26 Linux (64-bit)
  • XFCE 4.12 Desktop

You will have all the tools that accompany a basic installation of Linux: AWK, Python, perl, and many others. These tools simply tag along with the installation process. Any languages or programs beyond the tagalongs, the compilers, and the tools stated below are installed at the convenience and discretion of the environment manager, <systems@socalcontest.org>.

Programming Languages

The judges accept problem submissions only in the following programming languages.

Language Version
C gcc 7.2.1
C++ g++ 7.2.1
Java jdk SE 1.8.0_144 from java.oracle.com
Python Python 3.6.2 standard release; no external libraries

The execution time limits set for each problem will NOT be scaled based on the language. It is the individual contestant’s responsibility to select the appropriate algorithm(s) and language tool to produce correct output within the allotted time limits.


Programs will be compiled and linked using the Standard C++ Library included by default with g++.


Regional judges will accept solutions coded in Python 3, but do not guarantee the problems posed can be solved using Python 3.

The following tools and documentation will be available online in the system image:

IDEs Debuggers Documentation
Eclipse 4. 6.1 'Neon' with C/C++ dev tools 9.0.0 and jdt 4.71 and pydev 6.0.0 gdb 7.11.1 UNIX manual pages
Geany 1.31 DDD 3.3.12 Java html-based API docs (Javadoc)
  jdb 1.8 (Java SE version 1.8.0_144) C++ Standard Library documentation


For additional information on the editors, please see the Guide to UNIX and Editors.

Editor Version Notes
emacs 25.3.1 character based (emacs -nw) and mouse based (emacs)
vim 8.0 Vi IMproved, character based (vi, vim)
Leafpad mouse based (Applications Menu/Accessories/Leafpad)
ed 1.10  

Note: jed and pico are not supported.


After you have submitted a source file for judging, your submission will be run with one or several sets of input data and the results reviewed. It is the judges' intent never to reveal directly or indirectly the specific input data the judges use to test contestant programs. The judges will respond to your submission with one of the following messages. If a submission contains more than one type of error, the response will still contain only one message. The judges will report only the first error seen, which may not necessarily be the error that occurs first or most frequently in the output.

Response Description
Accepted You have solved the problem.

Compiler Error

(Not Executable)

The judges were unable to compile or link your program. Check whether:
  • you submitted the correct source file;
  • the source file has the proper extension for its language;
  • you tested the compilation before submitting the file.

No expression or line number information will be returned to contestants.

Run Time Error Your program crashed during execution or an assertion failed. In the former case, the judges' response will also include a description of the signal received by the program, e.g., "Segmentation Fault." If an assertion failed, the message will state, "Assertion Failed." In neither case will expression, file, or line number information be returned to contestants.
Time Limit Exceeded Your program ran for more than the allotted CPU seconds.
Wrong Answer Your program did not produce the expected results.

Although we do use robo-judge where possible, we verify every response before returning it to the team to ensure accurate, quality responses. The effect of this is that, depending on solution traffic and other factors, response times may vary.



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