Contest Rules for the Southern California Region

The following Region-Specific Rules are added to the Generic ICPC Regional Rules:


The Southern California region consists of California south of and including San Luis Obispo, Kern, and San Bernardino counties, and Clark County, Nevada.


By registering a team, a coach certifies the eligibility of the team members.


Permitted Materials

With a few exceptions only, contestants may not bring ANY electronic devices onto the Contest floor. This rule includes electronic calculators, watches with calculators, PDAs, cellular phones, pagers, laptops, and personal audio and/or video players. We will be collecting these items in the computer labs. If you don't want to leave them at home, we suggest that you arrange with your coach or other non-contestant to hold the items for you during the contest. We will allow watches without calculator or programming functions, medical devices such as glucometers, and cameras. Although care will be taken, the Contest Officials accept no responsibility for the return or the return condition of any items they hold.

As a reminder, you may not bring machine-readable versions of software or data. In other words, leave the floppies, CDs, DVDs, USB flash disks, etc., at home. We do plan to disable floppy drives and USB ports on the workstations during the contest.

You may bring non-electronic resources such as textbooks and paper documents. [Please note that the World Finals has more restrictive rules about the materials that may be brought to the contest.] During the contest, you may use any online documentation that has been installed as part of the contest environment.

Permitted Resources

During the contest, contestants are to use only the network to submit contest problems or questions, and get responses from the contest officials. Connecting to any other computer on the LAN or Internet, either before or during the contest, with telnet, FTP, Web browser, email, or any other network application is grounds for expulsion from the contest.

Conduct of the Contest

For more information, see the ICPC Regionals General Information web page. Use the Regional Contest Info Finder in the lower right corner.