Bulletin #3
October 21, 2019

Policy regarding last minute team cancellations and team fee refunds

* If you have paid for a team and the team cancels prior to the registration deadline, you will receive a full refund.
* If you cancel between the registration deadline and approximately one week before the contest, you will receive a 50% refund.
* No refunds the last week prior to the contest.
* Exceptions may be granted based on unavoidable circumstances (such as the fires in 2018)

This is to cover the cost of non-refundable deposits for food and other costs.

2019 Deadlines
Team cancellation date:
Any day up to and including October 31: 100% refund
Nov. 1 - Nov. 4: 50% refund
Nov. 5 - Nov. 9: NO REFUND


Everyone should also complete the 2019 ICPC Questionnaire. Coaches and other persons on a team who will NOT be on site should complete Section 1, and click through to submit the survey. You will need a (free) google (gmail) account to complete the form. NOTE: The form asks for you email address - please enter the email address that your coach used to add you to a team.

The primary information on the Form is your lunch selection.

Those who do not complete a form will have an arbitrary selection made for them.

~ Breakfast ~

When you arrive at the Contest, there will be a Continental breakfast available in the cafeteria. It will include fruit, rolls, juice, tea and coffee. If you need a heartier breakfast, please take care of that before coming to campus.

~ Lunch ~

Lunch will be provided by Habit Burger. You will have your choice of:

  • Charburger combo (single beef burger)
  • Veggie burger combo (single patty)
  • Grilled Chicken combo

Cheese will be available on request. You may request a lettuce wrap instead of a bun.

There will be two lunch shifts. Half of you will go to lunch while the other half does the warm-up; at the time specified on the schedule, the two groups will switch. You will be given a lunch slot assignment when your team signs in on the day of the contest.

~ Dinner ~

Dinner will be pizza.

Three kinds of pizza will be set out: cheese, cheese and veggie, and cheese and pepperoni. A limited number of veggie only (no cheese; just sauce and vegetables) will be made available, based on the number of people who select "veggie only" on the questionnaire.


Snacks and Drinks will be available during the contest at the Recharging Station in front of the MLK building (the computer lab building).

There will be nuts and fruit. A limited number of gluten free snacks will be held aside for those who self-identify as gluten free. Those who do so will be given tickets to request the snacks. About an hour before the contest ends, any remaining gluten free snacks will be set out for anyone.

About the food

The food choices shown are the only ones the Regional is providing. There are vending machines on campus; but, none of the cafeteria vendors will be open. There are no restaurants/fast food places within walking distance of the campus.

You are free to bring your own food; however, you will not be able to take it with you into the lab. There is no refrigeration available for you to use, so plan accordingly.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Do you know how to

read from standard in and

write to standard out?

See "Data Input and Output..." at




Top teams (Southern California will probably advance teams from 4 Universities) from the ICPC North America Regional Contests will advance to the ICPC NAC, which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia and hosted by the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The top teams from the ICPC NAC 2020 will advance to the 2020 ICPC World Finals 21-26 June, 2020 in Moscow, Russia, hosted by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

The teams and coaches will be treated to a full schedule of activities including a full course of complimentary food functions. Transportation to the NAC is the responsibility of the team.

-- Stay tuned for more information --

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Nov 9 Event Parking Notice

Riverside will be having the Veteran’s Day parade again this year starting November 9 at 10am. They will be blocking Magnolia and 14th Street which are two major streets. All participants are strongly encouraged to arrive by 9:30 AM.

Those who attempt to arrive after 9:45 may not be able to find a way onto campus until the parade is over at 2 PM.

Parking Passes

This year, RCC does not require you to display a parking pass. You may park in any white striped space. Do not park in restricted spaces, such as "handicapped" or "faculty."

We recommend:

  • you park in the structure identified as #36 on the campus map; and,
  • you display a sign to let Security know why your vehicle is on campus. (A fillable PDF form you can use can be found here.)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Find practice contests at:



See sample Southern California Regional problems at:


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MORE Practice

For 5 weeks preceding the ICPC Regionals and for 5 weeks preceding the ICPC NA Championship and for 5 weeks preceding the ICPC World Finals, here will be a series of weekend practice contests available at:


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