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Content Dated 16-Nov-2003

2003-04 Southern California Regional Programming Contest Final Standings

Rank Team Name School Solved Penalties Time (HH:MM:SS)
1Caltech ACalifornia Institute of Technology6212:35:43
2Team PipelineHarvey Mudd College6617:53:03
3Caltech BCalifornia Institute of Technology5412:24:23
4UCSD ScissorsUniversity of California, San Diego5215:21:46
5UCSD RPSUniversity of California, San Diego304:20:11
6UCSD PaperUniversity of California, San Diego304:32:22
7Chainsaw WuzzlesHarvey Mudd College305:59:42
8UCI SmokeUniversity of California, Irvine316:09:16
9UCLA BruinsUniversity of California, Los Angeles306:28:32
10HMCEscherHarvey Mudd College317:11:09
11Caltech DCalifornia Institute of Technology3010:59:10
12Cal Poly PhonicsCalifornia Polytechnic State University212:39:59
13Cal Poly MorphsCalifornia Polytechnic State University202:48:30
14Caltech CCalifornia Institute of Technology203:01:32
15UCR PopUniversity of California, Riverside203:18:15
16Infinite RebelsUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas203:21:51
17Code Red RebelsUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas204:01:00
18UCLA GoldUniversity of California, Los Angeles214:59:24
19Brute ForceCalifornia State University, Long Beach205:15:31
20Team GeebusHarvey Mudd College227:41:44
21UCR CrackleUniversity of California, Riverside248:57:55
22UCSD RockUniversity of California, San Diego100:27:05
23BroncosCalifornia State Polytechnic University100:49:44
24Mtsac GoldMt. San Antonio College101:04:34
25UCLA BlueUniversity of California, Los Angeles101:24:31
26RCC::IOExceptionRiverside Community College101:33:07
27WildcardCalifornia State University, Long Beach101:34:57
28Long BoolCalifornia State University, Long Beach101:40:16
29RCC::solve(3*N+1)Riverside Community College101:53:41
30SDSU 1San Diego State University111:57:10
31Rebel Without a CauseUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas102:13:52
32UCI GoldUniversity of California, Irvine112:13:56
33Fullerton 3California State University, Fullerton102:16:32
34Fullerton 1California State University, Fullerton102:41:17
35Techno RebelsUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas102:50:05
36Fullerton 2California State University, Fullerton102:57:19
37Invalid OutputsCalifornia State University, Long Beach113:10:21
38CSUCI ACalifornia State University, Channel Islands133:19:19
39PLNU GoldPoint Loma Nazarene University123:25:14
40Westmont WarriorsWestmont College103:52:58
41UCI BlueUniversity of California, Irvine103:58:35
42SDSU 2San Diego State University103:59:37
43RCC::quickAndDirtyRiverside Community College104:13:52
44Partially OmniscientAzusa Pacific University104:46:24
45Trinary BranchesAzusa Pacific University124:57:42
464Alpha2OmegaAzusa Pacific University135:48:12
47AdenineCalifornia State University, Northridge146:10:46
48Mtsac BlueMt. San Antonio College166:13:53

Honorable Mention

Team Name School
boo-cakeCalifornia Lutheran University
CytosineCalifornia State University, Northridge
GuanineCalifornia State University, Northridge
ThymineCalifornia State University, Northridge
CSUCI BCalifornia State University, Channel Islands
CSUCI CCalifornia State University, Channel Islands
Mtsac RedMt. San Antonio College
PLNU GreenPoint Loma Nazarene University
SDSU 3San Diego State University
SDSU 4San Diego State University
UCR SnapUniversity of California, Riverside
Java's NightmareCalifornia Lutheran University

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