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Content Dated 17-Aug-2003

2003 World Finals Results

The 2003 World Finals were held March 25 in Beverly Hills. Caltech was crowned the new North American Champion after solving six of ten problems. UC San Diego solved three problems. (Caltech also came in fourth in the Java Challenge, which was a separate competition held the day before the Finals.) The final standings, problem set, and photos of all the Finals activities can be found on ACM's World Finals web page. We thank the teams and coaches from both schools for representing the Southern California Region and hope that they enjoyed their time at the Finals!

Here are some other photos taken during the contest.  (Updated 4/10/03)

2002-03 Regional Contest

The 2002-03 Regional Contest was held Saturday, November 16, 2002, at Riverside Community College in Riverside, California. Fifty-six teams from twenty-three schools competed this year.

Congratulations to the top six finishers!

Rank Team Name School
1Caltech ACalifornia Institute of Technology
2Caltech BCalifornia Institute of Technology
3UCSD ScissorsUniversity of California, San Diego
4UCLA BruinsUniversity of California, Los Angeles
5UCLA BlueUniversity of California, Los Angeles
6HMC 42Harvey Mudd College

We would like to express our thanks and great appreciation to

Riverside Community College

for its help in making this contest a successful one. In particular, we would like to recognize Mark Lehr, Gina Vargas, Mark Oliver, Jun Galendez, Dave Dant, Janet Lehr, Carla Miano, Kevin Elwood, and Gary Patton for their work in

We would also like to thank


for its generous support of the contest, including financial support, prizes, software, and recruiting.

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