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Content Dated 02-Nov-2002

2002 World Finals

The top two finishers from the 2001 Southern California Region Contest competed at the 2002 World Finals, which were held March 23, 2002, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our thanks go to these teams from the University of California, San Diego, and the California Institute of Technology for all their hard work:

Team Contestants Coach
UCSD Paper Matthew Fedder, Jeremy Lau, Stefan Schoenmackers Brad Calder
Caltech 1 David Stafford, Leo Polovets, Po-Shen Loh Miroslav Dudik

2002 World Finals Results

2001/2002 Regional Results

The Southern California Regional was hold November 10, 2001. Fifty-four teams from twenty-one schools participated this year.

We would like to thank

Riverside Community College

for providing the facilities and for their tremendous staff and volunteer support for site preparation, lab setup (and troubleshooting), registration, catering, and on-site support during and after the contest;



for their generous support of the Contest, including financial support, prizes, and recruiting.

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