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Content Dated 15-Jul-2000

1999/2000 Regional Winners!

The Caltech White team took the honors this year, followed by the Surfers. Benjamin Mathews, Miroslav Dudik and Christopher Chang will represent Caltech, and Ben Ashbaugh, Mark Baysinger and Gregory Hamerly will represent UCSD at the Finals in Orlando early next year.

Sixty teams from twenty-seven schools participated this year, making this the largest playing field for Southern California ever.

Thanks, SBCC!

for your outstanding support of the Contest. SBCC went out of its way to make extra space to accommodate all the teams, turning whole labs over to the Contest for several days in order to allow time to create and bring up the contest environment on all sixty machines. SBCC catering provided an outstanding lunch, too.

Thanks, IBM!

for your support of the contest - cash, staff, recruiting - to say nothing of Yo-yo's!!

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