Call for Volunteers

Are you maxed-out of participating in the Contest, because you've already participated in 5 regional contests or 2 World Finals and/or you are a graduating senior?

Do you have great new problem ideas? (Some of the judges have been doing this since before you were born!)

Are you losing sleep wondering, "Gosh, what will I do now that I can't compete in the ACM ICPC Regional Contest next year?"

Have you been dying to know what *really* goes on when the judges review submitted problems and code?

There's no need to lose sleep or to stop having fun! Come to the "Dark Side"™ and help us challenge—some would say torture—next year's contestants... Bring your incredible talent and innovative ideas through the secret door and help prepare future World Champions.

Volunteer for any of the following areas:



Students who have the time can perform any of the above tasks that do not directly involve the contest environment or problem set. If you are interested, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, <> .