Bulletin #5
November 5, 2018




Required Forms

Everyone who will be on site needs:

  • Insurance waiver (one per person)
  • Photo release (one per team - coaches and guests can sign the same form as the team; on-site coaches need to sign only one form)

Guests too! Guests planning to be onsite at the event also need to have a completed registration record. Every guest will need to sign a photo release and turn in an individual site waiver at the non-contestant station.

See "Guest Policy" at http://socalcontest.org/current/guestpolicy.shtml.

2018 Schedule for the Day

Note: There will be two lunch periods. Teams will be assigned to Group I or Group II on the day of the contest.


Snacks and Drinks will be available during the contest at the Recharging Station in front of the MLK building (the computer lab building).

Coaches: Registration is closed.

Contact the Registrar for any changes.

  • If you make ANY changes to teams (add/drop/move contestants, etc.) please send an email to the registrar and advise what the change is.
  • Some changes may be blocked by the registration system. If you need to make a change and cannot do it through the system, please contact the registrar.

See “Data Input and Output…” at http://socalcontest.org/current/sample.shtml


Preparation is the key to success

The contest is more fun and goes more smoothly for all contestants, coaches, and judges when everyone is prepared. It would be advantageous to take time to review the bulletins as they contain valuable information on the environment, STD IN and STD OUT, and what to expect the day of the contest (Bulletin #6 coming on 11/10/2016).

Mobility issues

If you have any mobility issues that would preclude your taking the stairs, please include that information in "Special Needs" in your profile. The contest is on multiple floors. Usually the elevators are working. We would prefer to avoid the issue by assigning space on the main (2nd) floor of the MLK building to any team that includes anyone with a mobility issue.


Bulletin release dates

Bulletin - Main Topic
Release Date
Registration and Fee Payment Deadlines
Food and Parking Passes
Deadline to Alter Teams; Environment
Schedule for the Day; Required Forms
Last Minute Announcements and Reminders